A three-horse race

This morning, on the initial bouncy run out here, Scott Rook's BASSTrakk unit got fried. Just taking a look at the Trakk, it shows Rook with 4 1/2 pounds. He actually has in the neighborhood of 12 pounds.


Meanwhile, Randy Howell just has 6 1/2 pounds. Duckett's weight is pretty accurate. If they were all accurate, Duckett would be at the top of the leader board, followed by Rook and then Howell. Rook just finished his limit, by moving out to a deeper section of the shoal. He quickly caught a 3-plus-pounder and is now seeing if there are any takers running with that.


We understand Howell is making a big move. He did that yesterday and caught them. Any way you boil it, at this moment we are in the middle of a three-horse race, with Duckett and Rook having to win here to be assured of a Classic berth.

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