Splash of the lure a key for Rook

Scott Rook unhappily recalled some key fish that came off the hook after showing themselves Saturday. He wasn't making excuses, but simply explaining the details after Saturday's weigh-in.


Rook's words provide some insight into his method for success this week at Oneida. "I'm mostly drop shotting," he said. "On 95 percent of the fish I've caught, I never felt them bite. It's almost like they're reacting to the splash [of the lure hitting the water] and following the bait down. I don't feel them hit, they're just there.


"And I don't think I've had a bite after I start reeling. I might as well just pick up and make another cast."


Rook noted that in Saturday's high winds, it was even more difficult to feel a bite. He's using spinning rods and light line, so his set-up is about as sensitive as possible. But there's still a significant margin for error when you can't initially tell when to set the hook. Obviously those difficulties haven't kept Rook from achieving success this week, when he's trying desperately for a Bassmaster Classic berth.

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