Rook just lost a big one

We just watched Rook lose a big fish. That makes two in the last 30 minutes. The first was at least 3 pounds. The second looked bigger than that. Judging by the reaction it was bigger. The wind is still blowing at a regular 10-plus and the waved are crashing, so having a conversation is tough.


Earlier we misheard what Rook told us. We thought he had about 13 pounds. But we got close enough just now to hear he has 10-8, which would explain Rook's unhappiness on the two big ones he lost. But it's still early for him.


Rook and I were team partners for several years and I've never fished with anyone better with a slow-moving, bottom bumping bait. He has a spinning rig in hand and is slowly working it just like he's good at doing.


I'm sure his fish catching is not over. But he can't afford to lose anymore of those 3-plus bites.