Reehm worried about early quit time

Clark Reehm and Cliff Prince are sharing an area a half-mile off the north shore. They each have one bass. Reehm said that his catch rate is par for the course throughout this tournament. He's caught most of his bass after 1 p.m. Today, the anglers have to quit fishing about 3:30, in time to make the drive to the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse, where weigh-ins today and tomorrow will take place. "The early quit time is going to kill me," he said. Reehm has two marker buoys out. Each marks an end of a sunken ship that appears to be about 150 feet long. He said he found it by going to a website that pinpoints shipwrecks. He hasn't been able to fish it as much as he'd like because several other pros have been camped on it, and some have caught 4-pounders there.


Not far away, Prince said he's suffering from the "first-cast jinx." The bass bit on the first cast of the morning, and he hasn't had a keeper since. He calculates that he has to move up about 15 places in the standings to surpass Brandon Card and win Rookie of the Year honors. Card didn't make the cut to fish today, so it's all up to Prince. "I'll have to tighten up this afternoon to make that happen," he told us. He's happy that the wind is calming. This morning, waves were so high they were breaking over the bow of his boat and washing over his ankles as he stood at the bow.

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