Quinn clueless on Oneida

James Overstreet, the multitasking photographer, boat driver and sideline reporter for War Room presented by Triton Boats on our team this morning has decided not to follow Randy Howell to the opposite end of Oneida Lake. My vote made it unanimous. This water's rough. It doesn't take much of a breeze to stir up this lake.


After giving up the chase, we pulled in beside Frenchman Island to check on Jason Quinn, who's in fourth, according to BASSTrakk, tied with Terry Scroggins at 53 even. Quinn has caught four bass, each a little more than 2 pounds, for 8-12. His camera boat driver said all were caught on crankbaits. When we arrived, Quinn had just moved to the bank and was flipping shallow weeds, probably in hopes of getting a game-changing largemouth. He didn't give that much time before heading back offshore to the same weedbeds he's been camped on all week.


As he motored by, he said, "They've got me clueless again." I can understand. As our boat drifted through the shallows, we could see good-sized bass, some 3-pounders, darting ahead of the boat. The place is loaded with fish, but they're extremely skittish. 

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