Prince looking to be king

After dominating the Rookie of the Year for most of the season, Brandon Card may have left the door open for Cliff Prince. Card was stellar for the first five tournaments but has missed the cut in each of the last three. He's currently 14 points ahead of Prince as he sits on the sidelines and waits to see what happens.


Prince is fishing — sitting in 43rd place going into Saturday. While 43rd might not seem that good, it's actually terrific for Prince if his goal is ROY because it gives him plenty of room to move up after Card has been eliminated. Prince needs to move up 14 places to catch Card — 15 to pass him and claim ROY without a tiebreaker. Can he do it? It'll be tough. He'll probably need somewhere around 15-8 today to make that kind of jump. His best day so far was 13-4.


Both Card and Prince are rock solid to qualify for the 2013 Classic.

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