Ott making a charge

The tragic and magic of Oneida Lake may be showing itself again. We hate to make too much of BASSTrakk totals, because there are some elements beyond anyone's control. For instance, we know from observers that Ott DeFoe has at least a 15-pound limit and is culling, while BASSTrakk currently shows him with four fish weighing about 10 pounds. We think he's out of the coverage area.


If DeFoe has 15 pounds, it would give him at least 42-10 and move him into third place now. And if Brent Chapman is stuck on four fish weighing 9 pounds, DeFoe's move up would drop Chapman back another spot to eighth.


Remember, if Chapman makes the Top 12 cut today he is the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year. But he's going in the wrong direction right now, and DeFoe is making a move up, again, if we've got reliable information at present.

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