Oneida will change face of Classic lineup

Things are winding down to the final hour of fishing and accurate reports are coming in from on the water. Steve Bowman has been moving around checking in with our projected leaders and it looks like things are too close to call right now.


Boyd Duckett likely has close to 16 pounds, which would give him 61-4 total. Scott Rook has "over 15" putting him in second with 60-3. Randy Howell is still looking for a limit. He has three keepers for 10 pounds, giving him 58-4.


Keep in mind that two more keepers is all he needs to win this tournament. If Howell, Rook or Duckett wins this tournament, it will change the complexion of the Classic qualification list. As we confirmed with Trip Weldon, double qualifiers (people who win a tournament and also qualify through the Elite Series) open up another spot for Elite Series anglers.


Right now only the Top 31 are guaranteed (28 through the points and three double qualifiers through the Elite Series and Classic winners). If Chris Lane and Brent Chapman fish the last Open in their divisions, then they can open up two more spots to make it 33 through the Elite Series list. That would put Scott Rook and Boyd Duckett, in 34th and 35th, as the first two out. To guarantee anything, they need to win today.


Did that clear things up? I'm afraid I just got even more confused.