Limits, limits, limits

Six anglers may limit every day they competed in the Elite Series this season. That would double the number of times it's been done since the Elite Series started in 2006. Two of these anglers are "in the clubhouse" and have already accomplished the feat: Shaw Grigsby and Gerald Swindle. Four others are still on the water. Two of them have limits, according to BASSTrakk: Brent Chapman and Scott Rook. Two others appear to be short of their limits: Randy Howell and Terry Scroggins.


Limiting every day for the season is a rare feat. Here are the anglers who have done it:


2006 - none

2007 - Jeff Kriet

2008 - Todd Faircloth, Tim Horton, Bobby Lane

2009 - none

2010 - Michael Iaconelli, Peter Thliveros

2011 - none

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