Let's hear it for the All-Stars

As Brent Chapman tightens his grip on AOY, let's take a look at the All-Star Week race. As you know, the Top 8 anglers in the AOY race get an automatic bid. If the season ended after yesterday's round, that would be Brent Chapman, Todd Faircloth, Ott DeFoe, Terry Scroggins, Randy Howell, Matt Herren, KVD and Edwin Evers -- an All-Star cast if ever there was one. Then there are four anglers who will be voted in right here on Bassmaster.com. Last year, the four who were voted in were Mike Iaconelli, Jeff Kriet, Aaron Martens and Skeet Reese. Ironically (or perhaps not), all would have to be voted in again this year. But this year they'll be up against some big names who had Top 8 AOY years in 2011, most notably Gerald Swindle. The G-Man will be tough to beat in the balloting this year.

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