It's a toss-up!

As it often does heading into the final weigh-in, things look like a toss-up. Although our guesstimates have Randy Howell ahead of Body Duckett by a slight margin, weights for Howell could be a little heavy and that would tighten things up significantly. I really think it's up in the air -- I don't make this stuff up.


Howell could win this thing at any minute by catching his fifth keeper, but until then, this tournament is far from over. Although it will be over soon, since the anglers are checking in shortly.


To wrap things up from here, it's been an exciting day of fishing for the 12 finalists. Fletcher Shryock made his first Elite Series Top 12. Duckett caught a bonus 4-pound largemouth on a spot he found when bass came up schooling while he was hanging out on shore with Kelly Jordon one evening. Howell had a 4-pound smallmouth eat his crankbait while he was about to pull up the trolling motor. Takahiro Omori continued his momentum from yesterday by catching another 14-pound bag today and locking up a Classic berth.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a question for the War Room. Hopefully the anglers and the rest of us answered all your questions sufficiently. We had a good time. Stay tuned for Toyota Hooked Up! and the weigh-in of the Ramada Championship right around the corner.