If I were a smallmouth...

Todd Faircloth, still the main threat to Brent Chapman for 2012 Angler of the Year, moved about 1/2 mile closer to shore and is fishing again, still alternating between a jerkbait and a finesse presentation. He just missed a fish on the jerkbait. He needs five big ones before the day is out to have any hope of catching Chapman, who sits 20 positions ahead, in second place.   


Faircloth is in a good area. "He's on one of my honey holes," said Mike Fox, our boat driver. "Sure enough, there's a waypoint on Mike's GPS unit, and Faircloth's boat seems to be sitting right on top of it. Mike has a camper parked at the campground just around the point from here, and his GPS trails crisscross the weedbeds Faircloth is working. Fox said the bottom depth ranges from 8 to 11 feet here and grass -- mostly cabbage weed -- grows in sparse patches over a mixture of sand and rock. If I were a smallmouth, I'd live here.

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