Howell is runnin' and gunnin'

Randy Howell isn't letting grassbeds grow under his feet this morning. He said the other day that he has dozens of waypoints in his GPS units from all the tournaments he's fished on Oneida Lake in the past, and I think he's determined to hit all the ones on this end of the lake by noon. I'd love to be able to grill him about his game plan. At times, he's made fewer than a dozen casts in a spot before pulling up and racing -- bouncing -- across the waves to another hot spot. I can see him gesturing and explaining his strategy to his cameraman, Wes Miller. I'm sure it'll be enlightening to watch this episode of "The Bassmasters" on ESPN2. 


He still has just two bass in his livewell. Even so, he's ahead of his pace from yesterday.

While Howell has been running and gunning, the three other finalists who are fishing within sight of Howell -- Nate Wellman, Brent Chapman and Jason Quinn -- have established residency around Frenchman Island. They're spread out and roaming some, but not burning any gasoline.


Howell has motored over to Chapman for another conference. We'll soon see whether the information convinces Howell to move yet again. If he would consult with Overstreet and me, we'd try to convince him to stay put here in the lee of this island, where it's calm and comfortable.

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