Howell has his first keeper

I could hear the sigh of relief all the way over here, 40 yards from Randy Howell. The second-round leader just boated his first keeper, and it is a good one. He said it weighs 3 pounds, 12 ounces. The three-hour drought has ended. Howell has moved to an area near two islands and in sight of the launch site at Oneida Shores Park. To get here, he had to circle a posse of Elite Series anglers, including Kevin VanDam and Nate Wellman, who are working schools of bass pinpointed by swirling birds. 


Almost immediately, Howell motored a half mile to the east, slowed down and scanned the bottom with his depthfinder. He's obviously looking for structure over which bass are schooling. Just as quickly, he raced another few hundred yards to chase a school of bass that erupted downwind. 

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