Howell has four fish

This just in from Steve Bowman: Randy Howell has four fish for 14 pounds. If that's true, it would move him back into the lead over Boyd Duckett. That's just the kind of move we were expecting from him.


With a nice lead coming into the day, I expected Howell to only lose this event if other angler's caught a giant stringer to beat him. I thought his fishing was consistent enough to put him over the top.


His day has unfolded anything like the way we anticipated. After a slow morning that included him catching a fish on a crankbait that bit right next to the boat while he was getting ready to pull up the trolling motor, he scrambled over to the east end of the lake like he did on Day Three.


Today, it didn't pay off in the same way. He came back with only two fish in his box, moving to the islands where he started the morning. He caught another keeper there and then followed that up with his fourth a few minutes ago. One more keeper should lock this thing up, but if it doesn't happen, it could leave things open for Duckett and Scott Rook.