A flurry of activity

His fortunes fading, Randy Howell has left the ZIP code. We followed him for a bit but he quickly was out of sight, and James Overstreet, who's driving as well as shooting today, elected not to follow him all the way to the east end of Oneida Lake. We circled back to the pack of anglers around the twin islands in time to chat with Jason Quinn, who's in seventh with 39-5 according to BASSTrakk. He's looking for a fifth keeper to go with the 9 or 10 pounds in his livewell. As we were visiting, a bass began chasing shad almost under our trolling motor. Quinn fired a walking bait across our bow and hurriedly twitched it back to his boat. Overstreet's eyes grew wide. He whispered to me, "There's a 3-pounder right under his bait, trailing it." The fish wouldn't close the deal. He couldn't say that loud enough for Quinn to hear and gain an advantage. 


A short distance toward shore from here, a school of bass just erupted in front of Brent Chapman. He got two bites out of the flurry but neither hung on long enough for a good hook set. Clearly, a lot is happening in this spot. The wind is laying, and it won't be long before the bass around here start biting like they mean it. 


Sharing this water is Nate Wellman, ranked second according to BASSTrakk, and Travis Manson. Kevin VanDam and Skeet Reese were here not long ago, but they've moved on to greener grassbeds.

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