DeFoe in Maple Bay

We are watching Ott DeFoe in the Maple Bay area.


Things have been pretty slow up to this point. He's had one bite without a hook up and caught a pickerel.


He's always cool and collected but he's seen Bill Lowen catch a decent keeper, and we are sure he's wanting to put one in the box just to get started.


He keeps marching along, but it's probably a blessing we don't have a live scoreboard for these guys to watch. Dave Mercer tells us Brent Chapman has four.


That knowledge would certainly add the pressure to Ott.


Things could be looking up. DeFoe is known in some circles as "Otter." Just a few minutes ago two muskrats swam out to check him out or offer encouragement. Who knows? But they are close enough cousins to an otter that maybe they are a harbinger of things to come. 

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