Closest tournament of the year

Not only has there been more at stake at Oneida than at other tournament of the Elite season — that's always true at the finale — but this has been the closest tournament of the entire year.


Douglas Lake was the biggest blowout going into the final round; the leader had 33 percent more weight than the angler in 12th. At Oneida, the difference is just 11 percent. That means the 12th-place angler in this tournament could conceivably make up the difference and win today. It's not likely, of course (Bernie Schultz would need to leapfrog 11 others to get there), but it could happen, and the stage is set like never before this season.


And if you're wondering what's the farthest back anyone has ever come on the final day to win, it's sixth place. That's where Kevin Short was going into Sunday on the Mississippi River in 2009. He was almost 5 pounds back that day. This year at Oneida, 10 anglers are within 5 pounds of the lead!

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