Chapman's culling issues

Not much has been written about Brent Chapman this morning, even though he's in striking distance of the lead. BASSTrakk has him in second, about 3 pounds behind Boyd Duckett. (As noted earlier, BASSTrakk isn't entirely accurate this morning, thanks to technical issues.) Wouldn't it be something for him to follow up Angler of the Year with a second Elite Series win here?


Sure enough, the one-fish weedbed paid off, as Chapman hoped it would. He quickly lands the fish -- a good-sized pickerel. Not the species he's after. "This is the first one of these I've caught this week," he said.


He soon reached the sweet spot of the weedbed, where he's pitching a soft plastic bait into openings among the milfoil patches. His handheld scales say it weighs 2 1/4, but he doesn't believe it. "I think these scales are off. They lasted me through winning Angler of the Year, but they're not working." He weighed it again, and it went 1.87. Chapman spent the next 10 minutes weighing and re-weighing each fish before culling the little smallmouth he had just caught. He held up the nice smallmouth in this photo and said, "The scales say this weighs 4 1/2, but it doesn't seem that big." Despite the inconsistency of his scales, he is confident he has 13 1/2 pounds now.


He's now making another pass through what he hopes will be his two-fish weedbed.

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