Change is constant at Oneida

Here's a trend to watch as BASSTrakk totals are updated throughout the day. For almost everyone who made the cut, it's either been a morning bite or an afternoon bite. Very few anglers have caught fish all day. Brent Chapman said yesterday that he didn't catch one after 10 o'clock. He admitted that left him nervous about today. He might begetting a bit more anxious now, having only 4 fish at 11 o'clock.


Matt Herren, on the other hand, didn't have a bass in the boat at noon yesterday. "I was actually starting to think about what I was going to do [Saturday] working in the Yamaha booth," said Herren, referring to his duties for a sponsor if he missed the cut. But Herren finished the day with 15-2, giving him a ninth-place total of 30-0.


"This lake is changing every day and it's a real challenge," Herren said. "You've just got to wake up each morning and fly by the seat of your pants."