Biffle is a finisher

If you were to use baseball as a metaphor for professional bass fishing, then the guy you want coming to plate at the end of the year with your season on the line would be Oklahoma's Tommy Biffle. Biffle, of course, is a legend in the sport and one of the all-time greats. We talk a lot about Aaron Martens and his second-place finishes in the Bassmaster Classic; Martens has been runner-up four times. Well, Biffle has twice finished second in the Classic and three times been the bridesmaid at the FLW Championship. That's a lot of second place! He knows how to close out a season, though.


In the seven years of the Elite Series, Biffle averages a Top 12 finish in the season finale. No one is better— or even close. He typically gets off to a slow start — averaging a 47th-place finish at the season opener — and finishes strong enough to get into the Classic. He's doing it again this year and enters Saturday's competition in fourth place.

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