9 a.m. is magic time

Randy Howell said 9 a.m. was the magic time, so we should start seeing the fish catches rolling in. I think he underestimated the wind, though. It has been pretty calm the last two days, but today it was blowing nicely, pushing some larger waves through the area he was fishing. That does a few things. First, it changes how the fish are positioning. Areas that were productive yesterday might not be, as the bait and fish move around.


Also, waves that big are not ideal for fishing topwater. Howell said ideal conditions are just a light chop on the surface. That's definitely not what we are seeing out here right now.


Another thing to keep in mind is something Steve Kennedy mentioned to me yesterday. On a lake the size of Oneida, a nice wind the length of the lake can push a significant amount of water across, resulting in a current moving toward the west end.


That's something different these guys will have to deal with. As is usually the case, the day will probably evolve differently from how Howell expects. Adjustments will be key.

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