Today's battle: Monroe vs. Lane

Our eyes are off the anglers we've been following all day. Steve Wright and James Overstreet are back in the War Room getting their photo galleries ready for the evening.

Mark Zona abandoned Jeff Kriet a few hours ago and Dave Mercer did the same with Skeet Reese.
All we have for information is the BASSTrakk and the Marshals in the boat who are keeping us updated every once in a while. That means slim pickings this last hour or so of the day for information.  But we are used to that.
We feel like Chris Lane has cut into Ish Monroe's lead of 13 pounds. By how much remains to be seen. We do feel, though, Monroe's lead will shrink.
We also feel like Lane still has a small fish in his live well, so a decent thumper and he adds to his weight. We also know Monroe has a lot of room to move. He has a couple of 2-pound class fish and one or more big bites in the last hour and he could really start to close the door on everyone.
Monroe knows that. He knows he will likely lead no matter what, but the more cushion he creates the easier his day goes.
We will keep an eye on BASSTrakk and keep listening for any change. But unless we've missed it, today's story is the battle of Lane and Monroe.

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