Weather separates field

Randy Howell told us earlier in the day that the sun Ish Monroe was enjoying was the biggest factor of the day so far.
The rest of the field was sitting under a bank of clouds. They haven't moved much either.
As a matter of fact a pretty strong thunderstorm is rolling across the War Room. There's steady rumbling, the wind is gusting strong and the rain is pouring.
I don't know how many of our anglers are seeing or in this storm. But it could have an impact of sorts on the day.
We've yet to see the big fish start rolling in like yesterday. We have 80 percent fewer anglers on the water, but still we have the best of the mix, so we expected to start seeing some movement quick.
This thunderstorm could help that. Bernie Schultz told the War Room audience yesterday that thunderstorms can really kick these fish into gear on this lake.
We are in the middle of a really good storm at the moment. And these fish were pretty much "in gear" based on yesterday's weights. We wonder if this storm will kick things backward or kick things into high gear.