Mid-morning update

If you are paying attention to the War Room from time to time then you may notice we are actually playing the Sunshine Showdown from a few years ago on the Harris Chain.

If you will recall Brian Snowden was running away with that event and Mike McClelland came from way behind to win that event.
It was actually an accident that video was being played. But it's appropriate at this point.
Florida has a way of just melting big leads. Think back to just last week when Alton Jones was in a similar position and Todd Faircloth made a big run on the final day and almost over took him.
Add that with the tournament playing in the War Room and you can see how unsafe Ish Monroe really is at this point. He knows he can't rest on his laurels for a second or one of these guys will catch him.
Randy Howell's three-fish, one-cast catch has already shown us that magic can hit at anytime.
We still have Monroe with a zero. Nothing to be alarmed about at the moment. He also has a cameraman in the boat with him and as hidden as he is the cameraman may be too busy to plug in stats on the BASSTrakk.
Still, it's worth mentioning that crazier things have happened to big leads in Florida.

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