Leaderboard update: Ish on a tear

The weights are starting to move a little, but not near the jumps we expect to see by the end of the day.

Monroe still leads with a hefty 24-12 stringer that puts him well over 100 pounds. Lane has upgraded to 14 pounds on the day, but still sits about 17 pounds back.
Hovering around him in third is Skeet Reese. Reese has about 20 pounds, he's right there but would have to put together an amazing stringer to catch up with Monroe.
Jeff Kriet, Brent Chapman and Tommy Biffle are in the fourth through six area, all with limits in the 16-pound range. 
Scott Rook has put together a good start to big bag and is in that mix as well.
But this remains a two-horse race. Ish Monroe is way out front, but we saw some of that yesterday until Lane started building his big sack late in the day.
Randy Howell was in the War Room earlier saying that the best hour of the day was that 2 p.m., to 3 p.m. hour. That was when all the weight was built yesterday.
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