Kriet fishing lily pads

Mark Zona is spending the morning with Jeff Kriet and keeping us posted on what he's doing.


He just sent us a text telling us that Kriet is fishing a lily-pad flat in about 3- to 5-feet of water. He has a couple of keepers. Kriet is telling him that there are different windows when the fish feed.


Zona followed that info up with a quick text: "Just missed a friggin' giant."


One of those windows may be opening up for Kriet.


Meanwhile, we've verified that Ish Monroe does have a limit. All we could get was "a small limit."


We have to guess that to be in the 10- to 11-pound range. That will be enough to stave off the charge for the time being. But Chris Lane seems to have some things going his way, in a big way, with 15 pounds and four fish.


One giant and he's over 20 pounds, with room to cull.

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