Kriet catches giant

One of those "friggin' giants" finally showed up for Jeff Kriet. This photo by Mark Zona shows what could be as heavy as a 7-pounder. 


Kriet lost two fish that were in that same range. If he could have boated those, he would be in the 21-pound or better range with just three fish. 


Zona said that Kriet made a bait switch, and immediately "bam" the fish bit. 


That's very interesting considering he's lost two fish that size. A bait switch can mean a lot of things: More bites or just better hook ups. Either way, Kriet made the adjustment which is what you have to do when the tough bites start hitting you.


As it is. He's got that giant and four peckerheads. But that one fish jumped him from 5 pounds to about 11 or 12. We'll see how it comes across from the Marshal. 


Good to see Kriet starting to right the ship. But it hurts to even think about those two that got away.

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