Ish lands 5-pounder

We just got a ping on BASSTrakk that Ish Monroe has caught a 5-pounder. That brings his weight up to around 16 or 17 pounds.

For a brief moment, Chris Lane had the lead. Now Monroe is taking it back.
There's an interesting thing about that catch. From the outside looking in, it appears as if Monroe has had a slower day than expected. But now he's caught a 5-pounder and at almost the same exact time as Mike McClelland, who is fishing close to Monroe, caught a similar size fish.
Both anglers are in the southeast end of Okeechobee. Those fish in that corner might be firing.
Meanwhile Tommy Biffle, who is fishing the Observation Shoal area, has jumped to fourth place with an estimated stringer of 25 pounds, 11 ounces.
That's the first time we've mentioned Biffle's name all day. He's quietly got that weight built and looks like he could be a factor before the day is over.
It's also apparent that the fish are biting.

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