If Monroe cracks 100-pound mark today...

If Ish Monroe has cracked the 100-pound mark today, it's the second time in his career. He also did it in 2006 at the very first Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on Lake Amistad, Texas -- which he won with 104-8.


Ish's 13-pound, 11-ounce lead here after two days was the biggest in Elite history. If he holds on -- and he's looking strong right now -- he'll avoid the distinction of having the biggest blown lead after two days in Elite history. In 2007 on Clear Lake in California, Greg Gutierrez led by 10-15 but stumbled hard and lost the tournament to Steve Kennedy.


If Ish hangs on and wins at Okeechobee, it'll be the second biggest "rebound" in Elite history. Monroe was 96th last week at the St. Johns River. Just last year, David Walker was 98th at the Arkansas River before winning on Lake Wheeler -- the biggest rebound in history.