Early leaders for Angler of the Year


Scott Rook is quietly having a great tournament. He started slow today, but in the last few hours he's built a stringer in the 20-pound range.
He's moved up into the 7th position. He and Randy Howell have been sharing water all week.
Both appear to be in the top 10 at the moment. 
Rook is battling to get things back on track after a poor 2011. Howell has been steady for some time.
We spent a little time talking about the Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year race earlier in the day in the War Room. Expectations at the time were that Todd Faircloth and Skeet Reese would be neck and neck in that race at the end of this event.
That may be true, but there will be another neck in that race as well with Howell. He had a top 12 at St. Johns too. It's a good bet those three will be sitting atop the standings, with Chris Lane being close.

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