Day Three begins!

Day Three is officially underway. Every boat has left the take-off area and filtered out in the great Big O.

The last two days we've seen some spectacular fishing, especially from Ish Monroe. Anyone who didn't know Florida real well would think this tournament is over after only two days.
But this is Florida, where one or two bites can change everything. Sitting just two giant bites behind is one of the best locals in the area and the current reigning Bassmaster Classic champion, Chris Lane.
Lane may be the Classic champ, but he's hungry to win this event. He knows it's important to follow up the Classic with a strong statement. He's may have already made it, but you won't convince him he still doesn't have more work to do.
Meanwhile, Monroe is not going to go quietly into the abyss of Okeechobee. He seems to have found one of those special places all fishermen dream about. His only question is whether it will hold up and/or if the local traffic kill will him this weekend.
We will get a hint of the answers to those questions today. Hopefully this blog will be the first to answer them.
Stay tuned.

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