Day Four weather report

Day Four of the Power-Pole slam. The anglers just left the takeoff and are on their way to their first spot. 


Weather conditions are completely different today. We have a small front pushing through for the next couple of hours. There are some thunderstorms associated with it. 


Chris Lane this morning was excited about the changing weather conditions. "This is a different wind we have had all week. We have a good chance of crushing them today. The West shore has been pounded all week by that easy wind. This west  wind is going to clean up the water today." 


We have said it all last week and this week, this is Florida. Meaning a big bag can come at any time of the year. Fortunately for us we have a nice little derby going into the final day. Ish Monroe's 13 pound 9 ounce lead was cut down to a mere 10 ounces yesterday. So both of these anglers have to swing for the fences versus playing defense. 


Things should get interesting as the day progresses. We will keep you updated as the info comes in from our on-the-water team.

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