Big stringers coming in

We've seen several of those big stringers taking place in these waning hours. 

Earlier in the day we saw some sacks that we have to label "what could have been."
Jeff Kriet just caught another 5-pounder, bringing his total well into the teens and sitting him in the 5th-place neighborhood.
But for as long as Kriet lives he will remember the two fish that got away this morning. Both of them together would weigh in the 15-pound range.
Add that to what he has now and would be over 25-pounds and a few places up the standings. He would still be well behind Ish Monroe by about 10 pounds or so. But feeling like he could make a run at it on the final day.
As it is, unless he boats a couple of the "friggin' giants" he's going to be well off the pace, but still making a great showing.

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