Battle lines shaping up

Watching BASSTrakk we can see a lot of the anglers starting to head back toward the weigh-in area.

There might be a couple of catches in the last seconds, but as far as many of these guys are traveling it appears as if most of them will be running those last minutes instead of fishing.
They check in at 3:45 p.m. EST. That is the first flight, and since they took off in order of where they finished Day Two that means the leaders will get here first.
Chris Lane showed up 15 minutes early. And other boats are starting to filter in.
Unless something really shakes up the standings, this will be the last blog until tomorrow morning.
Right now we have this as a two-man race boiling down between Ish Monroe and Chris Lane. 
Monroe leads with about 78 pounds total (19 of that today), Lane is about 4-pounds back at 74 pounds (with 28 of that coming today).
Skeet Reese is more than 20-pounds back in third; followed by Biffle, Kriet, Grigsby, Rook, Chapman, Howell and Fox for a top 10.
All those later guys know anything can happen, although a 20-pound deficit is a little much to recover from even in Florida. But that doesn't mean they won't be fishing their hearts out. They all know how important those Angler of the Year points are. Not to mention, the higher you finish the bigger the check.
It's going to be an exciting weigh-in and is shaping up to be an even more exciting final day with the two horses out in front of this event.

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