An update on Scroggins and Prince

We followed Rojas as he made a couple of quick stops on the points of some rock islands at the bottom of Pool 8. He caught what looked like a couple of shorts but pulled back into a long cut. We didn't want to disturb his fishing, so we're going to go look for 9th place Big Show Terry Scroggins and 7th place Cliff Prince.
It's a long idle back to where they are fishing, in a huge expanse of slop just north of Stoddard.
Scroggins had one when we got in here, but he just shouted, "Y'all must be good luck" because since we've been watching him he's put three more in the boat, including a 3-pounder.
Prince is working the far end of the mat, so I'll update on his progress once we get closer and are able to talk to him.