Steve Kennedy hoping for the big bite

Steve Kennedy has been fishing the same backwater lake all week and he told me this morning, "If it wasn't for lost fish, I'd probably be in the Top 5." Because his lake is so far off the grid, he also hasn't had to deal with much tournament pressure.

In fact, it took us more than 30 minutes just to get back to him through a series of cuts and sloughs.

When we finally did, he didn't disappoint by setting the hook on a frog fish as soon as we pulled in.

He's got about 12.5 pounds in the boat already, but has caught more than 40 fish. The difficulty is getting the bigger fish to bite, something all 98 anglers had to deal with all week.

He said he is just going to go back over the sweet spots one more time and then run all new water in the afternoon to try and make a miracle happen.

He wasn't lying about the numbers though. We've been here 10 minutes and he's caught five, none of which helped.

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