Some pros lacking limits

It seems like the bite has been a little slow for some. As we made our way back downriver, we ran into several anglers who either haven't filled their limits yet or they are fishing the Minnesota side and waiting for the right bites. Here's what they had to say:


Matt Greenblatt has just one keeper. He said he thinks that "something's changed," and he couldn't get any where he's been catching them in the morning.


Rick Morris has had a day that he describes as " not too bad and not too good," but he was lodged on a sandbar when we caught up to him.


Takahiro Omori has four, but they're "all just little guys" and he's still looking for a bigger bite.


Rick Clunn, in fifth place going into today, has four right now and is flipping riprap and laydowns on the Minnesota side.


Gary Klein is faring the best of the anglers we've recently run into. He has a limit for a little more than 10 pounds, but he said he is not too concerned because he thinks the fishing is "about the same" as the first two days.


As we were sitting on Klein, we watched him catch a couple of smallmouth that wouldn't help and another that culled a couple ounces. He's cranking a hardbank in heavy current.