Slow time for Martens

Almost all the boats observing Martens have left. The family conversing with him from their nearby dock has gone inside, and the bass aren't biting either. The day has definitely come to a lull for Aaron Martens.


"I don't know where all the 2 1/2-pounders I threw back yesterday went," he said. "Nothing I've caught today had any hook marks in them. There's a ton of bait (flipping the surface) in here, but nothing is chasing them."


The light rain that fell off and on in the first couple of hours has quit, leaving a high overcast sky. Martens thinks some sunshine might help turn on these fish.


He hasn't hit a couple of good spots he found in practice since the tournament started, but he's thinking about doing just that soon, if things don't pick up around here.

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