Rojas catches a big one on a jig

We finally caught up with Dean Rojas, fishing behind one of the man-made islands at the bottom of Pool 8.


He was fishing a current seam and, believe it or not, he wasn't throwing his namesake frog. Instead, he was working what looked like a black-and-blue jig, swimming it through hard cover.


We got there just in time, though, because in short order he hooked up with what looked like a 3- or 4-pounder that he flipped into the boat.


I asked him how many he has, and he held up three fingers.


If that is the kind of quality he's getting, I bet he's willing to sacrifice some numbers.


We don't get cell service back where he is, though, so after watching him catch another short, we decided to head upriver and see who else we can find. 

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