Prince, Kiriyama, Scroggins fishing the mat

We trolled into huge expanse of matted vegetation at the north end of Stoddard and found Cliff Prince, Kotaro Kiriyama and Terry Scroggins each fishing different sections of the mat.

Prince has four, but they are all small and he thinks the two days prior have really taken their toll on the fish population as he really hasn't gotten the bites he got yesterday as he sacked more than 16 pounds.


Kiriyama, who we watched land his third keeper, thinks it is more the overcast conditions than anything else that is hurting the bite.


Scroggins has a limit and has culled a couple times since we have been in here. He's the only one flipping, so maybe he's got something figured out that the others haven't.


It looks like the sun is starting to try and burn through the clouds, so we'll see if Kiriyama's theory holds up.