A pattern emerges: Winner is often Day Two leader

Did you know that the eventual winner of six out of the last seven Elite tournaments had the lead after Day Two? That's right, and it probably makes Todd Faircloth fans feel pretty good. The only winner who didn't have the lead after Day Two was Jeremy Starks, who was third at this stage of the Douglas Lake tournament.


And just because weights are pretty tight this week doesn't make it easy for someone to make a big move in the standings and dramatically grab the lead. It actually makes it tougher. The fishing's easy (lots of limits) and the bass are relatively small (only two over five pounds), and that's a recipe for few big jumps. Almost 94 percent of eventual winners are in the Top 10 after two days, and 63 percent of them are in the Top 2!


If you want to see big comebacks on the leaderboard, you need tough fishing or big catches. We don't have either of those this week.

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