Pace Carolina rigging near Martens

Cliff Pace is Carolina rigging a point near the mouth of the canal where Aaron Martens is fishing. We have seen him catch about four short fish, but one went in the box. Spectators that arrived here sooner say he has four 2-pounders. Pace left briefly, asking the Martens' armada to stay off the point, buf motored back after 10 minutes on a nearby point after several boats began getting close to being on top of his spot.

Just now Pace boats another short and throws it back. My boat driver Chad says locals fish that point a little deeper on the drop. The bottom is all sand here. Five-inch and bigger shad are busting all over in the middle of the canal and on the point. Also, a 50-inch muskie surfaced a boat distance away from our boat, attacking shad.

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