Martens scores quickly

Aaron Martens has started way back in the canal that he has fished  all week, so far back that we have some disagreement on whether he kept the first fish he caught today. But there is no doubt about when he caught it: 6:25 a.m.


That points to one distinct advantage Martens has here. Takeoff was at 6:15 and he'd caught one 10 minutes later. Several others in the Top 12 are still running to their spots.


Cliff Pace and Dean Rojas didn't sound like they had a spot this morning, as both said they were going to gamble and try something new. Rojas noted that he had caught 15 pounds the first three days in his spot, but 18 pounds was his goal for today. Overnight he obviously figured he needed to go somewhere new to catch 18 pounds.

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