Howell has about 13 pounds, but wants 14

I'm sure it sounds like a broken record at this point, but the amount of fishable water in this river is unbelievable. Unlike a lot of rivers where the fish are just grouped up on certain types of cover, in La Crosse, if it's in the water, it probably holds a fish.


While we were making our way out of the endless backwater in the Stoddard area, we ran into Randy Howell. He was working a grassline quickly with a frog and thinks he has about 13 pounds.


I asked him what he thinks he needs to fish tomorrow, and he responded "I'm gonna need 14 I think, so I better get another big bite.


With that, he was back on pad, across the channel and into another backwater near where Todd Faircloth started this morning.


We are now making our way upriver and hopefully we'll run into another angler or two on our way up.

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