Hackney gets hook in hand

Greg Hackney had to take a detour this morning after a pike decided it wanted to eat instead of the bass.


"I was making my way back to a really good area and the fish were actually biting pretty good,'' Hackney said. "I had caught a couple of keepers and about five pike. The last one wiggled and the next thing you know, he has me to my knees."


Hackney's trailer hook was buried deep in the flesh between his thumb and finger. Unable to get it out, Hackney had to idle back to the ramp, where B.A.S.S. officials were able to jerk the hook. Check out the video of the process on BASSCam. The video was shot horizontally, but for some reason, it's showing up as if we shot it vertically. But it's definitely worth taking a look at.

Greg Hackney

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