Davy Hite throwing a swimbait, has a limit

We're back on the water and it didn't take us long to find someone as we came across Davy Hite fishing a railroad bridge about 5 minutes from the takeoff point.


He's throwing a swimbait and counting it down before slowly swimming it around the concrete pilings.


He's got a limit but wouldn't say how much it weighs.


After about a dozen casts, a fish loads up and he expertly plays it to the boat. The fish looks to be about 2 pounds and he has to put it on the balance beam with a couple different fish to see if it culls. I couldn't see if he ended up culling, but if he did, it was just ounces.


We have anglers drop shotting suspended fish, throwing swimbaits around bridge pilings, cranking and fishing matted grass.


This is truly a diverse fishery.

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