One-in-a-million odds

One streak ended yesterday and another continued.


Bobby Lane's string of consecutive limits on Elite Series competition days ended at 39. That's tied for the ninth-longest such streak in Elite Series history. Kevin VanDam has the longest streak at 57. Bobby Lane already had the second-longest streak in the books at 47.


KVD's streak of cuts made has been extended to 20, which is also the record. That's 20 straight times he's earned a check in Elite Series tournaments. If that doesn't seem impressive, consider it again.


If all the Elite Series anglers were equally talented, the odds of finishing in the top half and earning a check would be 50/50 each time out. It would be like flipping a coin. Half the time you'd get a check; half the time you wouldn't.


The odds of earning a check in 20 consecutive tournaments then, would be like fliping a coin 20 times and having it come up heads each time — roughly 1 in 1,048,576. That's not as unlikely as winning the lottery, but those are still really long odds. If your non-fishing buddies want to tell you that fishing is mostly luck, tell them about KVD and his stats.

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