Martens vs. Morris?

While most of our content gatherers try their best to stay away from controversy, this will be one we can't shy way from vey much.


Simply put, Aaron Martens and Rick Morris are fishing close to each other in this event. Most everyone is fishing close to each other in this event. Martens actually led on Day One and is in second on Day Two, but Morris doesn't want Martens around him at all.


I can't say I blame him. Martens is a fish seine of epic proportions.


Martens, though, has every right to be there, probably more so than Morris. But these are the type things we see in crowded events. There were several yesterday. Some of them won't take place today, because half the issue didn't make the cut. Other will start anew, when in the normal course of catching all your fish in two days and spreading your wings to other places, new angler clashes will be created.


Still think we should have a cage match at a couple of these events.

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