Pays to be top 50

With his 41st place finish at Douglas Lake, Kevin VanDam just tied his own record with 16 consecutive top 50 (in the money) Elite finishes. KVD also accomplished the feat in 2008-10. In his Elite career, VanDam finishes in the money 93.33 percent of the time -- far more often than the next best angler. Gerald Swindle (33rd at Douglas) just notched his 11th consecutive top 50 finish, which is the best run of his career and one of the best in Elite history. On the other side of the coin, Florida's Matt Greenblatt finished 25th at Douglas, ending his drought of seven consecutive finishes outside the money. Now the longest dry spell belongs to Jami Fralick with six straight sub par performances. Fralick hasn't earned a check since last year's tournament on Lake Murray. The record for futility belongs to Dave Smith; from 2008 to 2011 he failed to finish in the top 50 in 24 consecutive tournaments.

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